Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moving up in the world

Raise your hand if you are a terrible blogger lately (visualize me with my hand raised). Life has gotten a little crazy lately (that is putting it mildly). I have gotten a new calling (Young Women President) It is busy season for Ryan at work which = him working at least 50 hours a week and all sicknesses to go around. Blogging has been last on my list that and I gain another 1.5 pounds and really didn't want to post it.

But today is a new day with fun stuff to post so here I am!

After a good week of Wilson regularly getting out of his crib we decided last night that today was the day for a new bed!

After eating breakfast this morning I asked Wilson if he wanted a new bed today and he seemed pretty excited about it.

We went downstairs and got all the stuff for his new bed and started to put it together. At this point Wilson was super excited (now knowing what I was talking about). Note to anyone putting together a toddler bed anytime soon. Don't do it alone with a two year old walking around.

After putting it together a few different times I finally got it!

Time to put it in his room. If you notice the crib is still there. This is to use as punishment if he doesn't stay in his bed.

As you can see he was so so excited for his new bed. He got all of his stuff and laid down. Too bad it was only 10 am or nap time might have gone a little easier.

When nap time rolled around I put him in bed and explained that if he talked or got out of bed he would have to sleep in his crib. He seemed okay with that and I closed the door. I got my computer and few projects that I needed to work on and sat by his door.

It only took three warnings and this is what I found!!!

I hope it just gets easier and easier!

In other news. I have been lucky enough to have several people ask me to take their pictures! I did a trade with a girl in my ward. I took her family pictures and she made me this super cute camera strap. Isn't it to die for? She even made a pocket for my lens cap. LOVE IT!!!

I did another job for a friend and she paid me! I really needed a new camera bag to fit all my stuff and here it is! Love this as well!

I just finished with some engagements for a friend and will be doing bridals and wedding day pictures. Can't tell you how excited I am and can't wait to post what I have been working on!

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Sarah said...

Wilson is growing up so fast!! I commend you on putting the bed together yourself not to mention having a two year old assist you. And I love your camera strap, so cute!