Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July weekend

Our weekend began with Ryan taking Friday off! He also had Monday off so we had a long and fun weekend ahead of us! Ryan's dad also had Friday off and asked if he could watch Wilson for couple of hours so of course we said "YES" so Ryan and I got to spend the afternoon alone! We got some lunch and come home and worked on a puzzle and took a nice nap together! Then we picked up Wilson and headed to the fireworks at Granite High School.

Wilson enjoyed sitting on Papa's lap during the fireworks!

Wilson thought they were really cool, however not cool enough to stay awake the whole time. He crashed and crashed good!

Saturday we had a nice relaxing morning and then headed to the swimming pool with Ryan's family. It was a bit cold, but Wilson had lots of fun!

After swimming we headed to their house for lots of games and then we picked up some dinner. Ryan and I headed to In n Out. Here are few pictures of us waiting patiently for our food.

Sunday we had a birthday party and more games. Monday morning 3 of Ryan's sisters were nice enough to let me take some pictures of them up at the U. Here are a few. These first ones are of Sarah.

These are Jen!


And all of them. I had so much fun and got some really great practice and pictures. Thanks girls for letting me take your pictures. You were all great models!

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