Thursday, May 13, 2010

A look back

It all started 6 years ago in February. My sorority had an activity with Ryan's fraternity. We were put in the same group to play a game called skit in a bag. We were give a bunch of random items and told to make a skit. Below is one of our attempts at using some of the items. Notice I am dressing another guy and Ryan is looking right at me! While this is actually not how it turned out. We ended up dressing Ryan like aunt Jamima and he was the teacher in a preschool class (I think). Ryan claims that we was interested in me, while I don't really remember much about the night. Needless to say nothing really came of it.
A few months later in April one of my good friends told me she and her boyfriend wanted to set me up with the kid that trained him on his mission. I was totally up for it and waited for the call. A few weeks later I finally got a call from Ryan. We went on our first date on April 30, 2004 (hence the name of the blog). We doubled with our friends. We played an interesting game of mini golf, went to dinner and then back to our friends house to play a weird card game. And that was it. We started dating.

I knew about two weeks in that I loved him and that we would eventually get married. On October 9th we were engaged! There are some of our engagements.

Then on Friday May 13, 2005 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple! Happy Anniversary!!!

We lived in student housing for almost 2 years while I got my Bachelors and Ryan got his Bachelors and Masters. In April of 2007 we moved into our home. Shortly after we got our two kitties Toby and Jeeves!
On November 18, 2008 we had our beautiful boy Wilson.

And here we are a year and half later. A happy little family!

I can't believe it has only been 5 years since we were married. It feels like I have known Ryan forever. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have such a wonderful husband. He is so so good to me. Thanks my love for the last 5 years. Here is to an eternity more!

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Seth and Keri said...

I love it! Happy Anniversary to the coolest couple ever!! So sorry we didn't mention anything yesterday. We love you both and hope you have a great day!!