Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nothing to read

It seems like everyday I go to the computer to catch up on all my blogs and become immediately become disappointed that only one maybe two have updated their blogs. And it almost never fails that it then occurs to me that I haven't updated mine either. I guess I just expect more from all of you.

So here is my update:

I don't really have much to say. I have decorated my kitchen finally (and I really didn't do it my friend Heather did) I am just waiting for a few other things to come together and then I will post the pictures. Luckily I have a before picture from when I painted my cupboards. I am so excited it looks like a different kitchen!

Wilson is growing like a weed and is into a new phase which I don't mind saying I wish would pass. He has meltdowns I would every ten minutes. I think he has finally figured out what he wants and then he tells me and if I wont give it to him then the world ends and he is in a full on meltdown. So it is lots of fun at my house these days. But I still love my little man!

We finally (after three years) planted seed in our backyard! It was good timing if I do say so myself, we are getting lots of moisture that will hopefully make it grow! I have pictures of that too, but am waiting for any sign of green to post.

And last but certainly not least I can not wait for GLEE tonight!!!!!

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Sarah said...

i totally know how you feel about blogs being updated! haha! i love that wilson says Dave for Jeeves!