Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts - in no particular order

1. I have convinced myself that the phrases "Spring Fever" was coined by a stay at home mom who can't stand the last little bit of winter.
2. I think I might be waffle deficient. Yep I said waffle. I can't get enough of them lately. And I crave them (and I don't crave things).
3. I need a hobby. I have things that I do, but I need something that will fill in the little parts of my day where Wilson is actually off playing in his room and I am left to watch TV.
4. I watch too much TV.
5. Since I have started exercising somehow in my mind that translates to "eat whatever you want". So that is why I am not loosing weight.
6. It has taken almost 3 years, but I finally realize I need to decorate my house and I have no decorating sense. Good thing I have a good friend who does and is willing to help (pictures to come of what we have done so far).
7. I need to get working on our food storage.
8. I am going to miss watching the Olympics, but I have missed my shows so much!
9. I like Pam from the office much better before her and Jim got together.
10. Wilson's sleep has gotten (according to me) out of control. He doesn't got to bed on time and wakes up because the sun in shinning in his room. Please daylight saving come fast!

That is all my randomness for now.


Seth and Keri said...

Love it! :) Good for you for exercising!! I say that definitely justifies eating whatever you want.

anniejoneslarsen said...

I agree, I agree, and I agree. Stupid dumb TV and out of control sleeping. Try black out blinds for Wilson's room. I am pretty sure that Tuesday Morning has them for really quite cheap. I miss you, you make me giggle!

Charayne said...

Love this post. So real. So cute and so me. Thanks for the crazy walk the other day...when things settle down lets get together again and do lunch. Glad we're friends!!!