Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Books, books and more books

My dear sweet child has discovered a new love of books. And by new love I mean obsession. All of a sudden last Monday he brought a book to me (totally new had never done that before) and wined until I read it to him and that was just the beginning. Now countless times a day I get books brought to me and an upset baby if I don't read it right away. This picture to the side is a rare occasion when he was looking at the book by himself. Usually it has to be ready to him.

I think it is the cutest thing ever and I love that he loves books, but I can't tell you the relief I feel when Ryan gets home it is it his turn to read!


Sarah said...

What a smart little guy! That's cute that he is so into books! Time to stock up on library books (if you haven't already).

leighton said...

way cute picture.

leighton said...

I do not know how my name got to be leighton, but I love him so it is fine. Love you