Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothing New

Everyday I come to blog to see if any new comments have been posted and of course they haven't' because I have posted anything new in a while, but I just don't know what to post. My life is pretty much the same. Wilson and I spend our days watching TV, him napping, going to lunch with people and me trying to read books. By the way my book readying has gone really well. I think I want to do separate posts as book reviews, but since my last post about reading I have ready two books! Angels and Demons to get ready for the movie and I also read a book called Hunger games. Both great books! I am now reading Midnight Sun. This is the Twilight book written from Edwards perspective. It is wonderful so far, but I haven't read very much. The problem is that it is online and I don't find a ton of time to go downstairs and read it. Hopefully my next post will be more insightful and interesting.

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Charayne said...

Yeah, a new comment. I find that you are keeping it real. How bout being a mom, eh? It was fun to get together with you. You're so darling! My turn next time!!!