Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it November yet?

As I was driving to work today I was thinking about how I wish it was November already. I am so ready to be done being sick and I just want to hold my baby. That made me think about other people that I have known that when they were pregnant and they just wanted to be done and how I would think to myself that they should enjoy being pregnant. But now I totally understand and I am only 21 weeks along. And then I started to think about the fact that I am not ready. We don't have anything done for him (nursery, crib etc). So I should get working on that. I did a lot of thinking on my way to work and I decided that I need to enjoy this time that I have and I really need to work on getting ready for him to come. If anyone has any suggestions for me to pass the time let me know!!!


Trent and Whit said...

The only thing that worked for me was staying busy and living holiday to holiday. . .which is hard in the summer when there is only one holiday. .. I'm no help.

Charayne said...

I have a few ideas. Call me and we can chat. Also, you think that you have all this time and in reality the next thing you know is that you have a few weeks and soooo much to do plus you start nesting. Really, call me and I will give you a list.

Charayne said...

Here's one to start....have you picked a pediatrician??? I interviewed a few and then picked my favorite. It takes a little time and some doing but it was worth it!