Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Today is father's day!!! Unfortunatly my poor husband and father to be has been sick all day. Yesterday we helped Ryan's sister and brother-in-law move (Ryan really I just picked up light boxes) and then spend a couple of hours working on our front lawn (getting it ready to sod on Tuesday) and being in the sun all day made him sick. So poor thing has spent most of the day inside. I wanted Ryan to know that I know he will be a wonderful father. He is kind and generous and he is so loving and most of all he has a testimony of the gospel. Ryan always seems to know what to do to make me happy or feel better so I know he will take such good care of our family. One of my favorite things to do is watch Ryan with our nieces and nephews he loves them so much and is so sweet to them. What a wonderful man I married!!!

I want to talk about my father. WOW! He truly is a wonderful father. He has always been such a wonderful example to me. He is so generous and kind toward others. He loves his family so much and really and truly would do anything for them. He has so many qualities that I admire. I hope he knows how much I love, care and adore him.

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