Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Almost a Lawn!!!

Ryan and I have lived at our house for just over a year now. When we bought the house the yard was in really bad shape. We had no idea how much work it is to put a new lawn it, but we know now! It has taken us (Ryan really) the last 2 months to get this lawn ready. Of course we had help from our wonderful family and some really nice people in our ward and now we almost have a lawn. We came up a little short on the sod so hopefully we will get the rest in the next few day and be good to go. Here is how it looks now! To anyone who reads this and come to help or helped us with the prep, thank you so much. From the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful to have such a wonderful family and ward.


Jill said...

The yard looks great! I haven't been to your house forever, but I remember what the lawn looked like, and I love the grass. I have always been a big fan of nice grassy yards.

Brian and Lindsay said...

congratulation on having a lawn, maybe someday we'll have a lawn, maybe even a yard and a house...someday! I've never even seen your house, we have to get together this summer, I have no commitments ever so let me know when you aren't busy

Charayne said...

It looks great, I wish we could have helped. We totally planned on it. Hope you liked the punch.