Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I want to remember

I have never had a good memory. In fact when I want to know something specific about when Wilson was a baby I have to ask Ryan because I can never remember. I am so grateful that I posted on this blog because it helps me remember the stuff I can't.

Everyone said it but I never believed it that I wouldn't keep as good track of my next one, but it is true. Poor Elsie, I haven't been as diligent, but I want to remember so many things.

Elise is now 10 months old.
Her first words were mama
next was kitty kitty and then dada
We think her newest word is Hi and possibly thank you

She LOVES animals especially cats and dogs (usually small dogs that look like cats)

About 4 months ago Elsie was going through a stink of separation anxiety. She would wake up 5-6 times a night just wanting to be held and wouldn't want to be held by anyone but Ryan or me. I read on the internet to try to give her a shirt of mine that smelt like me. It would help her to be calm at night and when I left her.  One night things were particularly hard to I gave her the shirt I usually wore to bed (one that Ryan had from his mission and that used to be his jammy shirt) and it stuck. She loved it from the beginning and still loves it.

While sleeping at night is still not where we want it to be he reflux and tummy troubles and so much better (dare we say almost gone?) Having an older brother in preschool in addition to the winter season has equaled virus after virus, but hopefully we are on the mend.

She has two bottom teeth and it seems like 4 could pop through on the top anytime

She crawls like crazy and on Christmas eve started crawling up the stairs

She adores Wilson! She watches his every move and laughs at everything he does. Wilson is starting to like spending time with her. He likes to play with her toys and every once in a while he shows her how to use them. Wilson likes to make her giggle in the car and talks to her when she is crying.

When she nurses she wiggles one hand like crazy rubbing her shirt and pulling it over her face while the other usually is holding my hand. And she usually had her little feet crossed

She sleeps on her tummy

She loves toys that make noise

There is a little boy at church that when we sit by him in sacrament meeting they both make noise and smile at each other

She loves to wave at people (babies in particular)

She is in LOVE with her daddy. She cries when he leaves for work and goes ballistic when he gets home and follows him around the house when he is home. She loves it when her daddy sings to her as it helps to calm her down when she is sad or mad. (Soft Kitty and Utah Man are some of her favorites). I posted of Elsie on Facebook the other day and Ryan's comment to it was "She is the apple of my eye." Probably the sweetest thing I have ever ready.

She has recently discovered the mirrors in our room and loves to go play with and kiss the baby in the mirror.

She is beautiful and has her mommy's gorgeous eyes and mischievous smile. She loves to be held and cuddled and have her back rubbed, just like her mother (Ryan wrote this part).

 She has so much hair! It is long enough that it needs to be pulled back everyday. She is a trooper (usually) and will hold still while I put it in ponytails, still crying of course.

Elsie has only been with us for 10 months, but we can't imagine our life without her. Words can't describe the love that I feel for her and that is something that I will always remember.

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