Monday, December 10, 2012

First ER visit

As I mention in a previous post poor Wilson was sick his whole birthday weekend. Sunday (his actual birthday) Elsie started to seem like she wasn't feeling well either. By Sunday night she was crying uncontrollably. Around 11 pm I decided that she needed to see a doctor, but of course 11 pm on a Sunday night the only place open is the ER. So I put my poor crying baby in her car seat and got her in the car while Ryan stayed home with a sleeping Wilson. As we started driving down the street Elsie stopped crying. Part of me thought I should turn around and go home, but I decided something must be wrong so to the ER we went. We got there and waited maybe two minutes before they took us back. They took her temperature and it was 102 degrees. And sent us to a room to wait for the doctor. Here we are waiting. By this time she was calmed down and seemed okay. Notice her sad eyes. (be kind to my pictures it was about midnight at this time)

The doctor came and checked her ears (one was red, but not too bad). He decided she needed a urinalysis to make sure she didn't have a UTI and chest ex rays to make she didn't have pneumonia.   

After about two more hours both tests came back normal and we were sent home. Doctor said it was a virus.

After two more hard days she started to feel better.

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