Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did Martha stop by?

I am far from Martha Stewart for sure. In fact I have never really been one to decorate. I remember talking to someone about their house just before we got ours and they were telling me that they were decorating. They had been using miss matched frames and on the same nails as the home owners before. I thought that was so funny, but I found myself doing it as soon as we moved in. Now that I spend my life mostly in our living room I found myself wanting it to look nicer. So for the past little while I have been trying to decorate. Check it out. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for what to put over my picture frames please share.

Here are some flowers I planted out front. I know it looks bare, but it is a start.

Three of the these I took myself and Ryan took the other.

I created some flower arrangements. Jeeves kept following me around wanting his picture taken.

Here he is again.

This is what these look like from the top.

This is an overall view in the living room. Don't mind all of the baby stuff.


Seth and Keri said...

So dang cute! Nice work!! We really miss you guys too. Are you available to hang out sometime soon?

Sarah said...

Hey Mindi! I honestly don't know how I came across your blog, but it is super cute. I love the decorating. Great job! Have you ever been to Rod Works? They do this faux hanging with ribbon that is super cute. It would look with really great with your pictures, which by the way are really cute. I love the candid shots. I can't believe how big Wilson is. It wasn't that long ago that I saw him and he has grown so much. Love ya!