Friday, December 12, 2008

3 Weeks Old

I have been meaning to post this blog for that last couple of days, but the old Wilson gets the harder I find it to get stuff done. He is awake more and wants to be held all the time. So I never had a chance to blog about my last doctor's appointment before he was born. My doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby so I had to see a different doctor. This was November 13th. This doctor told me that he was about 7 pounds then (big for still having 2 weeks to go). I was not quite dilated to a one. This doctor thought that for sure I would at least a week late and she told me that they wouldn't induce me until I was at least a week late. She predicted that we would weigh at least 9 pounds. So needless to say I was a little sad at that point thinking that I wouldn't get to see my baby for at least 3 weeks. Well he sure proved her wrong didn't he. So if that doctor had been right Wilson would only be a couple of days old.

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Brady & Lisa said...

aren't you so glad he came out smaller than 9 pounds? I'd be happy about that!