Monday, November 10, 2008

What can I say....He is just wonderful!

If you know anything about my husband Ryan it is that he is a Utah fan through and through. Ryan and I have season tickets the Utah football and last Thursday was the big Utah VS TCU blackout game. Ryan and I found ourselves in a bit of a dilemma. That night we also had our third trimester baby class (Ryan likes to refer to the class as baby catching class). I knew how important that game was to our season and to Ryan and I wanted to go also so I told Ryan we should skip class and go to the game. To my surprise Ryan told me that I could go to the game without him, but he was going to the class. He told me that he loved me and our baby more than the game and wanted to learn about the stuff that would be covered in class. Needless to say despite mocking from family members and friends we went to class oh and Utah beat TCU. Go UTES!!!


Charayne said...

That is so cute! Tony says he sure hopes that someone got good use of those tickets (GO UTES!) He is a good guy and you will be suprised how our husbands can step up to the plate. You will both be great parents. BTW, I have a baby gift for you...sorry that I was sick for the shower.

Trent and Whit said...

What a sweet guy! You sure got a good one! Only 3 weeks left!!!!!! I can't wait to meet your little guy!!!

Jenna said...

too cute!! arent are men great! Luke turned down watching the final game of the world serries in 2006 (his favorite team had a chance to win,) to go to ward temple night...His team won and we felt good about was our first ward temple night anyways..