Wednesday, August 13, 2008

6 Months!!!

Today we are officially 6 months along! Looking back 5 months it seemed like we would never be this far a long yet here we are. It is crazy to think that in about 3 1/2 months we will be parents, but we are so excited. Our little baby is getting really active. He loves to kick and moved around especially when Ryan is talking and has his hand on my belly (he loves his daddy so much). Just in case you were wondering we still don't have a name for him so if you have any suggestions I am open. My morning sickness has started to get better. I just try and take it one day at a time. There however is one new development... Since this is my first pregnancy I haven't really known what to expect or what is normal so when I started to wake up in the mornings and be in pain I just thought that was part of being pregnant along with having to go pee a lot. Well apparently that isn't the case yesterday I found out that I have a urinary tract infection and that is why I have been in pain. It was actually a relief to me to know that this isn't normal. I look forward to feeling better in a few days.

Update on the baby: according to our baby is just over a pound now and about a foot long. Up top is a picture of what he looks like.

As hard as it has been to be so sick I am so thankful for the opportunity to be pregnant to have a baby grow inside me. I love feeling him kick and move around. I am so excited for the day that I actually get to hold him in my arms, but I am more excited to be able to see Ryan hold his son for the first time. We have truly been blessed our baby so far and look forward to so many new experiences.

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Charayne said...

You are going to be such a great mom. It will be fun for him to look back and see all your documenting about him on your blog. Can't wait to meet the little fella. (and for you to stay home and hang out) :)