Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There is a baby in there!

Mindi and I went to our second doctor appointment on Friday. The doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat so they had to call in the ultrasound person (who was off today) to do an ultrasound just so we could find out if there really was a baby in there. The ultrasound person was able to find it and we found out the following information: there is only one baby, the baby's heartbeat was good and it looks like it is a little ahead of the original due date (the ultrasound person said 11/26, but she said they probably won't change the due date unless it is ten days off so it might officially stay at 12/2). I will try to post pictures of the ultrasound soon.

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Trent and Whit said...

Yay for Baby "Bean" Hettinger!!! And hooray for only one baby Hettinger right now :) Congratulations Mindi and Ryan!!!