Friday, April 25, 2008

Only 242 days until Christmas!

We know what you’re thinking, 242 days is a long time and we still have to have birthdays, baseball season and the last day of April. Well, that is a good point. Still, we love the holidays and this holiday season will be really great. Last year we went on a cruise and between that and Ryan’s studying for the cpa exam and Mindi’s conversion at work, the whole holiday season was kind of whirlwind. This year will be more fun. We will spend the holidays at home and have more time to relax and enjoy time with family. Plus, there will be no studying for Ryan and no job stress for Mindi. It will just be a wonderful time for our family: Ryan, Mindi, Toby, Jeeves and the baby, all of us enjoying a little holiday cheer with the people we hold dear. We can’t wait, 242 days is such a long time!
(Yep, we said it—only 219 days! Scroll down to see…)

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